Jack Adair
Bit actor mostly as a guard.
1895 (11/29) Born in FRANKLIN
  • The Lady in Scarlet.
  • 1940
  • Strange Cargo
  • 1940 (09/22) Died

    Tom Adkins (Jess Thomas Akins)

    Drama professor that did acting on soaps and kids's reveals. Sometime in 80s he appeared as 'Dr. Wade' on Love of Life, 'Webb Sutherland' in The Doctors, 'Tom Gregory' in The Secret Storm and as 'Carl the Trashman' on Sesame Street. (Need more details)
    Born in FRENCH LICK
    He became a instructor at Butler University in 1955. Was the head of the drama division from 1962 to 1970. Became the director of Pace University's Schimmel Center for the Art for eleven years. Help make the Civic Center in decrease Manhattan.
    1988 (07/13) Died Indpls News 07/20/1988.

    Betty Alden

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    1891 (08/21) Born in INDIANAPOLIS
  • Lightnin'.
  • 1937
  • Captains Courageous.
  • 1948 (04/07) Died

    James Alexander

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    1914 (05/20) Born
  • Jack and the Beanstalk 'Prince'.
  • 1954
  • (11/13) Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok "Ghost Town Lady".
  • 1956
  • (09/09) Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok "Blind Alley".
  • 1961 (02/01) Died

    Clint Allen

    Born in PETERSBURG
    1979 Graduates Pike Central Middle School/High School, PETERSBURG, IN.
    1988 Kansas.
    1989 (10/eleven) Night Court "If I Were a Rich Man".
    1990 (10/04) Beverly Hills, 90210.
    1994 Dumb & Dumber.
    1996 Kingpin.

    Richard Allen

    There are a couple of actors named 'Ricard Allen'. It is hard to make sure if all of those credit art to the Richard Allen from Indiana.
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    Crater Lake Monster
    Eyes of a Stranger
    Dreams Don't Die. Honeyboy.
    Heart Like a Wheel
    Land of Doom
    Terror Squad (filmed in Kokomo, IN)
    The Wizard of Speed and Time.
    Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson. (09/30) Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Ensings of Command"
    Chance. Angels of the City
    (09/28) Star Trek: The Next Generation "Darmok"
    Street Knight. Rule No. three. Extreme Justice. (06/02) Sirens "Looks Like Christmas"
    Jumanji (tv) 'Officer Bentley'. Starlight.
    (03/26) L.A. Heat "Rap Sheet".
    Play On!
    (three years) Young and the Restless.

    Theresa Allen

    1912 (10/27) Born in INDIANAPOLIS
    1930 Happy Days. The Vagabond King.

    Marlon Archey

    Play 'Sgt. James' on the primary season of "Major Dad".
    Born in MARION
    Age 5 Moved to MUNCIE
    1989 (1989-90) Major Dad.
    Notes: C-T 09/20/1995


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  • Myth
    1965 Born on a farm close to MOORSVILLE
  • Green Acres.
  • 1970 TV Guide 04/04/1970.

    Charles Arnt

    Major character actor in position as sly lawyer to meek salesman.
    1908 (08/20) Charles Emil Arnt, Jr., MICHIGAN CITY, IN.
    1929 Was the president of the Trangle Club at Princeton University and based the University Players with Henry Fonda, Josh Logan and Jimmy Stewart.

    Chuck Aspegren

    ASPEGREN.JPG 150*150
    Reel still worker from GARY, IN that performed greatest good friend Alex within the Deer Hunter.
    1978 (12/15) Deer Hunter

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