Frances Farmer
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Star that went towards the Hollywood system. Pushed to be a star from her mother and at all times in trouble with the regulation due to her temper. Placed in a psychological establishment in 1944. After showing on This is Your Life, she acquired a job as a film host in Indianapolis. This may have been the happiest time of her life.
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  • 1914
    09/19 - Born in Seattle, WA.
    Too Many Parents. Come and Get It. Wed Leif Erickson.
    Ebb Tide.
    02 - "Nobody's Yes-Girl" Modern Screen.
    Son of Fury. When into mental hospitals.
    Wed Alfred Lobley.
    The Party Crashers. Wed Leland Mikesell.
    1962-01-27TVNewsFarmer.jpg 160*217 Frances Farmer Presents (WFBM-TV Indianapolis).
    08/01 - Died from most cancers in INDIANAPOLIS, IN. Buried in Oaklawn Cemetery northeast of Indianapolis.
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    Indiana Hollywood Hall of Fame member

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